Pow Wow – Native American Tradition

Every year, the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony celebrates the Numaga Indian Days Pow Wow to honor the traditions of their ancestors and to unite all tribes together.

A family in Pow Wow celebration - Native American Tradion
Dancers wear traditional clothes known as Regalia entering the dance arena
Dancers are entering Pow Wow celebration 8 - Native American Tradion
The Grand Entry led by head dancers, followed by flags, then the participants
Dancers are waitin in Pow Wow celebration 5 - Native American Tradion
When one wears regalia, his traditional tribe pattern can be combined with his own style using flowers, beads, etc.
Dancers in Pow Wow celebration 6 - Native American Tradion
People and their regalia should not be touched without permission
Dancer in Pow Wow celebration 4 - Native American Tradion
Warming up before the competition before showing off their skills
Dancer in Pow Wow celebration 10 - Native American Tradion
“If a major part of a contestant’s regalia falls or drops during the contest, he/she will be disqualified for that session.”
P ow Wow traditions take place in a one-to-four-day period of time, often in September, in which some of the best Native American singers, dancers, artists, and vendors from diverse indigenous nations, from hundreds of miles away gather to share their unique cultures.
It can be held either as a dance competition which offers a significant big prize or a traditional performance organized on the small scale. Pow Wows may be private or public, but oftentimes, they are open to all and non-Indians are welcome to attend.

Native American Dance is dynamic and lively. It reflects tribal heritage and each individual’s dance style. When one moves, his regalia with beads, bells, and feathers vibrate with the beats of drum, which accentuates the vibrant atmosphere.

Apart from dancing, drumming and singing are also performed at Pow Wow.  The members of drum groups are often family, extended family, or friends. Traditionally, men would drum and women sit behind them singing. Today, women drum and sing with men together. There are also all-female drum groups.

Reno – Sept, 2015

Dancer in Pow Wow celebration - Native American Tradion
Fancy Shawl – a type of dance that features rapid spins and elaborate dance steps
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